Wedding gifts for couples

wedding gifts for couples

Wedding gifts for couples are artistic. How to select wedding gifts for couples? Here we recommend dragon and phoenix bowl with beautiful gifted box for your reference.

Dragon and phoenix are originated from oriental culture in legend and both are regarded as the most sacred and powerful creatures and used to be emblems of emperor and empress. Dragon is male while the phoenix is female. Down the ages people because of prosperity brought by dragon and phoenix and in extremely good fortune people would like to combine the dragon and phoenix together to hope the harmony and happiness of marriage.

From this dragon and phoenix bowls you will see that craftsmanship is especially complicated as there are covered with hand painted drawings with gold. It is also fine for unique engagement gifts.

For this kitchenware artwork generally speaking the artists and crafts with around above years painting experiences can get to finish it successfully as trainees are basically can not finish it and it is too hard. So we should say according to above statements it is great wedding gifts for couples.

The base color is a little bit dark red and this red color is regarded as meaning of wedding. In China golden and red are widely used in wedding or marriages. Due to the good symbol of dragon and phoenix it is suitable and fine for wedding gifts ideas and 50th birthday gifts.

What is option for wedding gifts for couples? Obviously this dragon and phoenix design is really a great idea for wedding gifts. I just stated above those animals and colors are fine for wedding gifts for couples in eastern cultures. But for western culture probably it is a little bit different. White color is sign of purity and fine for wedding gifts for couples. In our shop you can find gift ideas linkage for more wedding gift ideas for couples.

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