Wall Hanging Wood Decor


Wall Hanging Wood Decor



CMS: Diameter: 27, Thickness: 1.5.
Inch: Diameter: 10.5, Thickness: 0.6.

Net Weight: Gram N.W: 320 g. Pound N.W: 0.7 lbs.

Materials: Camphor wood, Eco Friendly Lacquer.

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Wall hanging wood decor is handmade of smooth and round shape on the edge. wooden decorative hanging craft is designed with two flying birds with beautiful flowers. Those hanging decor is hand carved with sharp knives by hand. It is perfect addition to home wall interior design.

This style of wall hanging wood decor is really antique or vintage accented distressed finish on the wood. In fact Chinese carving wood panel is just reproduction piece.

Antique distressed finish is very hard to make for round carvings as camphor wooden materials. Chinese wooden carving is personalized wall art hanging decor as well as unique home desk accessories.

Symbol: Golden Pheasant Bird on Flowers trees represent Wealthy and Auspicious.

Model: 21.

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Weight380 kg