Unique crystal bracelet


Unique crystal bracelet
colorful crystal jewelry

Unique crystal bracelet


CM: total length: 70, Crystal Diameter: 0.5.
Inch: total length: 27, Crystal Diameter: 0.2.

Materials: crystal, turquoise, metals.

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Unique crystal bracelet is made of more than 100 pieces small natural crystal beaded gemstones. Those unique crystal beads have a lot of natural colors such as red, blue, green and more. Sometimes we can those crystal jewelry as rainbow crystal jewelry due to special colors. Crystal quartz is good to health if you are often wearing it.

A beautiful jewellry box will be provided when delivery.

Notification: All natural jewelry is based on our real shoot. Due to bad skill of camera, higher exposure and different screen resolution real objects have a few discrepancies. In fact original and natural jewelry is more transparent and beautiful.

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Model Number: 140.

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Weight120 kg