Retro craft and art brushes


Retro craft and art brushes
crafted art brush
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Retro craft and art brushes



CMS: Length: 32, Stone Bead Max Diameter: 2.5.
Inch: Length: 12.6, Stone Bead Max Diameter: 1.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 250 g. Pound N.W: 0.55 lbs.

Materials: Pink Beaded stones, Ox Bone, Horse Hair.


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Retro craft and art brushes are widely used for home interior design ideas. Retro art brush is shabby chic. Crafted brushes are made of oval beads with pink red color. beautiful color makes your home more fantastic.

From images we display each brush is a little bit different due to natural oval stone beads. Such creative brush is originated from bamboo or wood brushes. Compared with writing brushes decorative brushes are so unique and personalized. If you would like to write those decorative brushes are also fine for writing.

Retro craft and art brush is good for home improvements. Due to special pink color it is widely purchase by women.

Chinese Calligraphy Brush is unique handmade home wall art decor hanging gift idea. Painted decorative brushes are used in Asian blue and white porcelain, glazed ceramic and pottery beads, ox bone, goat horn, natural jade stone beads, Resin, bamboo, wood, agate, cloisonne and more as raw materials. Rustic antique distressed Asian decorative calligraphy brushes are OOAK and personalized artwork.

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Model: 57.

Additional information

Weight300 kg