Handcrafted jade Chinese brushes


Handcrafted jade Chinese brushes
red jade Chinese brush
red jade ball
chinese handcrafted brushes

Handcrafted jade Chinese brushes



CMS: Length: 35, Jade Bead Diameter: 3.3.
Inch: Length: 14, Jade Bead Diameter: 1.3.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 390 g. Pound N.W: 0.86 lbs.

Materials: Red Jade Beads, Ox Bone, Horse Hair.

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Handcrafted jade Chinese brushes are made of vintage stone beads with dark red color. The shape is round with big size. It is antique distressed finish. Each Chinese brush is handcrafted by skillful artists.

Chinese jade is nephrite stone and round beads are natural. Chinese jade brushes belong to rare items due to nephrite jade. Today Chinese jade calligraphy brushes are mainly used for wall art hanging decoration or desk accessories. they are seldom used for writing. But a few percentage of persons still love them so much. They use brushes for painting, writing. Please visit our other Chinese handcrafted jade brushes and wish you find out the right ones.

Model: 123.

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Weight470 kg