Flower Bird Jade Statue


Flower Bird Jade Statue
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Flower Bird Jade Statue


CMS: 15 Width, 16 Height, 6 Depth.
Inch: 6 Width, 6.3 Height, 2.3 Depth.

Net Weight(g/lbs):
Gram N.W: 1580 g. Pound N.W: 3.48 lbs.

Material: Natural Nephrite jade stone.

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Flower bird jade statue is hand carved with natural green nephrite stone jade. Flower is the plum blossom flower. Bird is the unique magpie bird. Jade artists prefer magpie birds standing on plum blossom as wedding themes. In China it is described with happiness appearing on the eyebrows.

Magpie birds are always paired and both of them are couples. It is very similar with dragon and phoenix. Those two are symbolized with wedding. When wedding anniversary is around corner magpie birds on plum is really perfect for special gift ideas.

Plum blossom is personalized flower plant with energy and strength. Plum blossom flower is regarded as autumn season in Chinese culture. In old China peots often described plum blossom as great peoms. Such special flower is also the sign of pure and true love.

Flower Bird Jade Statue is really great for wedding anniversary ideas.

Notification: All jade statues are based on our real shoot. Due to bad skill of camera, higher exposure and different screen resolution real objects have a few discrepancies. In fact original jade statues are more transparent and beautiful. Because of higher value of jade we will use speedy shipping carrier and generally it takes about 6-12 days from China to overseas.

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Model: 6.

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