Eagle wood sculpture


Eagle wood sculpture



CMS: Diameter: 28, Thickness: 1.5.
Inch: Diameter: 11, Thickness: 0.6.

Net Weight: Gram N.W: 400 g. Pound N.W: 0.88 lbs.

Materials: Camphor wood, Eco Friendly Lacquer.

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Eagle wood sculpture is really personalized and spiritual. Asian wooden sculpture is carved with eagle animal, the great wall and pine trees under sun. It is really beautiful and awesome picture. Eagle wooden sculpture is round in shape. It is antique distressed finish. Handmade wood sculpture is often used in eagle animal as theme. Eagle wood sculpture has special symbol.

The eagle is present across a range of beliefs or philosophies. The Eagle represents spiritual protection, carries prayers, and brings strength, courage, wisdom, illumination of spirit, healing, creation, and a knowledge of magic. The eagle has an ability to see hidden spiritual truths, rising above the material to see the spiritual. The eagle has an ability to see the overall pattern, and the connection to spirit guides and teachers. The eagle represents great power and balance, dignity with grace, a connection with higher truths, intuition and a creative spirit grace achieved through knowledge and hard work.

The dictionary of scripture and myth, describes the eagle as; A symbol of the holy spirit, which flies, as it were, through the mind (air) from the higher nature (heaven) to the lower nature (earth) and soars aloft to the self (sun).

We have other wood carvings and they have variable symbols and signs.

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