Crafted art carving jade pens


Crafted art carving jade pens
carved jade brush
carved jade pens

Crafted art carving jade pens



CMS: Length:35, Jade Bead Max Diameter: 3.
Inch: Length:14, Jade Bead Max Diameter: 1.2.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 390 g. Pound N.W: 0.86 lbs.

Materials: Nephrite jade, Ox Bone, Horse Hair.

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Crafted art carving jade pens have 3 pieces Chinese carved jade beads. The shape is oval with complicated carving designs. Those beaded stones are difficult to make due to jade hardness and irregular shape. On each natural beaded jade they are carved with Chinese writings of good luck or fortune. Raw stone is nephrite jade. Nephrite jade is natural mineral resource. With so much exploitation those natural resources are becoming less and less. So in the market the jade is getting higher and higher.

Horse hair sometimes will be fallen off. In the crafted jade carvings there is black or natural flakes on the surface. Jade carving art brushes are perfect for home interior design ideas as well personalized gift ideas.

Model: 98.

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