Chinese jade carving brush


Chinese jade carving brush
large jade brush

Chinese jade carving brush



CMS: Length: 57, Jade handle max Diameter: 7,

handle Minimum Diameter: 4, Jade handle Length: 39.
Inch: Length: 22.4, Jade handle max Diameter: 2.75,

handle Minimum Diameter: 1.57, Jade handle Length: 15.3

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 1715 g. Pound N.W: 3.77 lbs.

Materials: Carved Jade, Horse Hair.

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Chinese jade carving brush is made of carved jade stone with complicated designs. Each jade carving section is varied due to handmade nature. Such large jade handle brushes are really rare to be after in the world. Personalized jade brushes are great for art and craft collectibles as well as unique gift ideas.

The jade handle is not one whole piece. It is comprised of five sections. Then we glue them together. Jade stone is natural nephrite stone. Due to super large sizes Chinese carved jade brush is great collectible art gift as well wall art display accessories.

Model: 134.

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Weight2000 kg