Carved Wood Wall Panel


Carved Wood Wall Panel



CMS: Diameter: 28, Thickness: 1.2.
Inch: Diameter: 11, Thickness: 0.5.

Net Weight: Gram N.W: 350 g. Pound N.W: 0.77 lbs.

Materials: Camphor wood, Eco Friendly Lacquer.

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Carved Wood Wall Panel is made of three goldfish and beautiful lotus flower together. Goldfish and lotus flowers have their special symol or meanings. Basically those two represent something beautiful and wealth and harmony. Goldfish is full of wealth due to golden elements. Here you can see a picture of a kid holding one large goldenfish on the wall at many family home. Esoterically, it represents inward emptying and outward splendor and this conveys the true nature of reality according to the Buddhist philosophy.

In Chinese culture lotus flower is a pure and holly floral plant. To the Chinese it symbolizes ultimate purity and perfection because it rises untainted and beautiful from the mud.

Goldfish and lotus flower are in combination with this carved wood wall panel.

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Model: 7.

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