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Carved Wood Art Frame



Carved Wood Art Frame



CMS: Diameter: 28, Thickness: 1.2.
Inch: Diameter: 11, Thickness: 0.5.

Net Weight: Gram N.W: 350 g. Pound N.W: 0.77 lbs.

Materials: Camphor wood, Eco Friendly Lacquer.



Carved Wood Art Frame is sculpted by hand and the outlook is similar with apple fruit appearance. On the top of framed art wooden sculpture there are Chinese characters. Those four Chinese writings mean it will be always peaceful in four seasons. In sum carved framed art hopefully peace and harmony are come along with you.

In the middle of wooden art carvings there is a big Chinese character of Foo which means GOOD LUCK or GOOD FORTUNE. On the bottom of wood carvings there are two fishes swimming in the pond with lotus flowers surrounded.

From finish of Chinese wood carvings they are really antique rustic distressed. Each piece are hand polished. Carved wood art frame is a great gift for home wall art decorations as well as expression of Oriental culture and civilization.

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Model: 8.

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Weight410 kg