Carved dragon woodworking brush


Carved dragon woodworking brush
carved dragon brush
dragon carving art brushes

Carved dragon woodworking brush



CMS: Length: 36, Wood Handle Diameter: 2.5.
Inch: Length: 14.2, Wood Handle Diameter: 1.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 120 g. Pound N.W: 0.26 lbs.

Materials: Wooden Handle, Ox Bone, Horse Hair.

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Carved dragon woodworking brush is unique and handmade craft and art decor. Dragon is sacred creature in Chinese tradition while dragon is the evil animal in western culture. In China dragon is regarded as king for power symbols. You can find many dragon carvings on the old house as well as homeware decors.

Dragon brush is made of chicken wing wood as main material. Chicken wing wood is high quality solid wood. The cost is close to rose wood. Solid chicken wing wood has a beautiful wooden grain.

Chinese dragon wooden brushes are personalized for home decorative ideas as well as unique gifts.

Model: 109.

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