Carved Birds Tree Wood Crafts


Carved Birds Tree Wood Crafts



CMS: Diameter: 28, Thickness: 1.2.
Inch: Diameter: 11, Thickness: 0.5.

Net Weight: Gram N.W: 350 g. Pound N.W: 0.77 lbs.

Materials: Camphor wood, Eco Friendly Lacquer.

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Carved Birds Tree Wood Crafts are widely used in wooden artwork. Birds on tree paintings are connected with wedding affairs. That will be concerned with Chinese classical idioms and allusions. Happiness appears on the eyebrows. So in China different artists will take full advantage of special symbols to make birds on tree as theme.

When wedding decoration or anniversary affairs people will select this tyle of designs as gifts for groom and bride, couples and more. Birds are most likely magpie birds while trees are usually pine trees. Hopefully you love carved birds tree wood crafts.

Birds on trees are frequently used for many of unique Chinese articles such as forged metal pictures, handmade paper art cuttings or more. It is especially mentioned that birds on pine tree is regarded as longevity. It is fantastic birthday gifted idea.

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Model: 15.

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