Blue and white porcelain bead brush


Blue and white porcelain bead brush
beaded porcelain brush
blue and white porcelain beads
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Blue and white porcelain bead brush



CMS: Length: 32, Porcelain Bead Diameter: 3.2.
Inch: Length: 12.6, Porcelain Bead Diameter: 1.26.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 260 g. Pound N.W: 0.57 lbs.

Materials: Porcelain Beads, Ox Bone, Horse Hair.

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Blue and white porcelain bead brush is the feature of double happiness. According to Chinese wedding edition blue and white porcelain brush is fine for wedding gifted ideas. Those paintings are handmade by porcelain artists. Blue and white porcelain is the intangible cultural heritage. Double happiness is its style. The shape is round. It is made of five beads.

Beaded porcelain brushes are more popular than domestic markets. Blue and white is the classical color. There are so much treasure just like porcelain such as forged iron pictures, paper cutting and more.

Blue and white porcelain bead brushes are perfect for unique home decorations as well as wedding anniversary gifts.

The artistic value which distinguishes Blue and White Porcelain from other porcelains comes from its blue flowers. Blue flower is one of the earliest porcelain decoration methods with typical Chinese characteristics. The materials of blue flower are rich in natural cobalt mineral, so it is easy to color and the color never fades. Besides, it contains no poisonous elements such as plumbum and arsenic, therefore it has no negative side-effects on the human body.

Since Song and Yuan Dynasties, Jingde Town had become the main producing area of Blue and White Porcelains. After the Northern Song Dynasty Jingde Town has gradually developed into the sintering center of Chinese porcelains, the largest producing base and research center of pottery and porcelain in the world’s porcelain market. “Porcelain capital” has almost become the synonym of Jingde Town. It is one of “the Four Famous Towns in China” together with Hankou in Hubei Province, Zhuxian in Henan Province, and Foshan in Guangdong Province.

The Blue and White Porcelain of unparalleled elegancy has not only been the rare curios appreciated by the nobility, high officials, scholars and the wealthy, but also has been the “emissary” of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. Since the 18th Century, China’s Blue and White Porcelain has been introduced to North-East Asia, South-East Asia, Mid-Asia, Europe and West Africa either through the sea or the Silk Road, and has become the art treasure shared and appreciated by the world. As time goes by, the collection value of Blue and White Porcelain is attracting more and more attention. From above statements you can know more about Blue and white porcelain bead brush.

Model: 49.

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