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Asian Wall Decor



CMS: Length: 39, Jade Bead Diameter: 3.7.
Inch: Length: 15.3, Jade Bead Diameter: 1.46.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 480 g. Pound N.W: 1.06 lbs.

Materials: Brown Jade Beads, Ox Bone, Horse Hair.


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Asian wall decor has the variable choices such as Chinese paper cut, carved wooden frames, traditional painting art or forged iron picture or more. Chinese calligraphy brushes are one of best choices. This rustic brush is made of natural brown jade stone rings. Ring stones are quite large which is worn in the thumb. The length of brushes are close to 40 CMS.

At the end of brushes you will find out the brown string and we can hang this Asian decor on the wall for display art. Such personalized brushes are really unique way to add Oriental elegance and beauty to your wall decoration for home improvements.

Asian wall decor belongs to Chinese traditional arts and crafts and many of handcrafts are intangible cultural heritage. Such artworks reflects Asian culture and civilization. Asian wall decor is fine for home interior designing companies. Chinese jade calligraphy brushes are good Asian wall decor due to string art.

Model: 89.

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Weight530 kg