Asia Chinese calligraphy brush


Asia Chinese calligraphy brush
chinese calligraphy brushes

Asia Chinese calligraphy brush



CMS: Length: 27, Bead Diameter: 1.8.
Inch: Length: 10.6, Bead Diameter: 0.7.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 100 g. Pound N.W: 0.22 lbs.

Materials: Colorful Beads, Ox Bone, Horse Hair.

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Asia Chinese calligraphy brush is unique traditional craft. People used brushes as writing tools. Today calligraphy brushes are replaced with pens or pencils. But still quite a few persons still use them. You know it is connected with traditional craftsmanship. If he or she is good at calligraphy or brushes writing it will be more popular.

Asia Chinese calligraphy brush is made of beautiful beaded balls together and it is comprised of 7 pieces colorful round beads. Those calligraphy brushes are popular in girls or women due to multiple colors.

This beaded brushes are really cute and full of multiple colors. The shape is round. Due to wonderful colors Chinese beaded calligraphy brushes are especially more attractive for women or girls. It is really women gifted ideas as well nice home improvements.

Model number: 11.

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Weight160 kg