Art Collectibles Brush


Art Collectibles Brush
Chinese dragon brush
Resin Carved Dragon handle
carved dragon brushes

Art Collectibles Brush



CMS: Length: 37, Resin Handle Max Diameter: 4.
Inch: Length: 14.6, Resin Handle Max Diameter: 1.57.

Net Weight(g/lbs):

Gram N.W: 190 g. Pound N.W: 0.42 lbs.

Materials: Carved Dragon Resin Handle, Horse Hair.

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Art Collectibles brush is made of antique distressed resin handle and on the handle it is carved with flying dragon. On the bottom of brushes handle there is a dragon head. Carved handcrafts are really complicated. The color is quite unique and rustic which is fine for personalized home decorations.

Dragon is a sacred and mysterious creature. Dragon is symbolized with power and strength. Dragon is Long in Chinese. As Chinese, we all know that the totem of Chinese nation is Long, but who can tell the reasons again. Totem is a complex cultural symbol in early time of China, which relates to social system, religious belief and national worship. Totem has a great influence on the culture in later ages. Generally speaking, totem has four essential factors: firstly, totem must be a natural object, which is considered as a protective god of nation; secondly, the natural object must have blood relationship with the nation; thirdly, the natural object must be the honor of the whole nation; fourthly, the natural object is the symbol of the whole nation. Long is a holy animal, is a natural object and even has higher status than natural object. In ancient times, Han nationality considered Long as the god of wind and rain, the protective god, and considered themselves as the descendants of Long.

Art Collectibles brush is rare to find out due to unique designs, special raw materials and complicated craftsmanship. Such personalized brush is good for collectibles art and craft.

From above statements we can say art collectibles brush is tradtional art and craft which is full of oriental culture and civilization. Collectible art brushes with dragon is connected with traditional Chinese Feng Shui art.

Model: 111.

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