Apple jade statue


Apple jade statue
apple jade sculpture
natural nephrite jade

Apple jade statue


CMS: 19 Width, 17 Height, 7 Depth.
Inch: 7.5 Width, 6.7 Height, 2.7 Depth.

Net Weight(g/lbs):
Gram N.W: 1570 g. Pound N.W: 3.46 lbs.

Material: Nephrite Stone Jade.

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Apple jade statue is carved with many apples in the basket and jade is the natural nephrite stone. Apple fruit is regarded as Life and Health. From love and desire comes the creation of new life.

In Chinese traditional culture apple is considered as peace due to similar pronunciation. Beside apple fruits have many health benefits. For example, apples can help relieve sore throat, allergies, and poor digestion. These further contribute to its symbolism of life, health, and fertility. This is why we say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Finally, apple trees grow abundant fruit, which is another association with fertility, life, and health.

It is really wise to use such special fruit into apple jade statue.

Notification: All jade statues are based on our real shoot. Due to bad skill of camera, higher exposure and different screen resolution real objects have a few discrepancies. In fact original jade statues are more transparent and beautiful. Because of higher value of jade we will use speedy shipping carrier and generally it takes about 6-12 days from China to overseas.

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Model: 12.

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