Paper cutting

paper cutting

Paper cutting

Paper cutting is another famous traditional folk art and craft and it was originated from Han dynasty. It is around 4000 years` old history. Chinese paper cutting is handmade at North of China especially at Hebei and Shandong Provinces.

When Chinese early spring festival is around the corner people would like to use knives and scissors as main tools to cut all kinds of vivid and complicated designs and patterns. Every people hopefully in early spring festival they can archive a lot and make more progresses. It is patterns concerned that there are thousands of patterns to be created such as beautiful flowers, creatures, fairy persons and more. It is the complicated folk art.

Due to handmade nature if someone do not know on how to make Chinese paper cut art let me introduce it for you. Actually it is very simple but in fact paper cutting is very complicated.

Firstly knives are used for sculpting while scissors are used for cutting.

Those two ways are further categorized into several types. In ancient times scissors were called Fiao knife,while some people thought that paper sculpture in its real sense should be scissor-cut instead of knife-sculpted. However,no matter what techniques or tools are used, scissor cutting and knife sculpting share the same origin and both take paper as the subject of art creation,so both of them are paper art cuttings.

According to the colored paper used and the techniques involved,paper art cutting falls into 2 types:monochromatic and multi-chromatic. 7 techniques namely fold cut,overlap cut,contrast color combination, patch color dyeing and color filling. As to the style,paper cutting is classified into folk style, court style, literati style and popular style. Paper cut art can be hand carved into wedding letter shape. This is fine for wedding gifts for couples.

phoenix paper cutting art

Artists make abundant inspiration and use the tools to create all kinds of designs. After time to time they will finish the artwork of paper cuttings. There is a very famous saying in China Practice makes perfect! Today many foreigners love traditional arts and crafts including paper cut due to beautiful and elegant drawings. They are popular overseas. Paper cutting was already listed into directory of Chinese intangible cultural heritage. Paper cutting is a kind of treasure for folk art.