Paper cut art

paper cut art

Paper cut art is a traditional folk craftsmanship utilized with special knives and scissors as cutting tools. Paper cut art has already been listed into the directory of Chinese intangible cultural heritage. In our pages we have already make a brief account of paper cutting. If you are interested in simple introduction please click paper cutting linkage. Over there you can get a few useful information of Chinese paper cutting art.

Today I want to introduce one personalized paper cut art and it is completely different with common and general paper cutting. But in the nature the craftsmanship is still same. The biggest differences are that artists prefer to use paper cut to stick and lay on the top of scrolls. Paper cut is fine for wall hanging decor.

Compared with common Chinese paper cut it is sculpted with scissors and knives and finally it is just a paper design. Such design of artwork is difficult to have the affect of art decorative crafts. When I google paper cut art I seldom find such style of paper art.
Compared with framed art paper cut with glass during transportation paper cutting is very easy to break. The weight of folk art and craft is relatively heavier which add more cost on paper cut art. Those two designs are weakness for developing this unique art. It is great option for wall art decor.

The progress is upgraded and paper cut art should be creative and caters for market requests. If you use scroll of paper cut art you can roll up and we design one beautiful gifted box and then put it. The volume is smaller and meanwhile it is fine for wall art hangings as well as anniversary gifts for parents.

Only a few creative and exotic changes will make paper sculpture quite elegant and special. I believe that it is creation work for such beautiful traditional art. Please have a look at this featured image and tell me what your expression is compared with previous paper cut art.

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