Ox horn comb

horn comb

Ox horn comb is very famous in China and many people prefer to collect ox horn comb as craft and art collectibles. Also they would like to use them daily. From ox horn as raw material it is so unique there is no same comb in the world. As each ox horn has different shape, different age and meanwhile artists handmade them by a little bit discrepancy. Anyway ox horn comb is traditional handmade art and craft.

Firstly white ox is come from genetic mutation and they are impossible for artificial propagation. Generally speaking after female of ox has a baby they would become the black ox so it is very unique just like white tigers, white lions, white wolves etc. This nature makes it so precious and priceless. Ox horn comb is regarded as unique folk art collectibles.

Secondly ox horn comb will make you healthy. According to study and research of Chinese medicine institute ox horn comb is the unusual medicinal material. Ox horn comb can accelerate blood circulation. Ox bone comb can be refrained from static electricity. And it can stimulate the nerve endings, through the cerebral cortex to regulate the nerve head and make the head of state of tension to relaxation. So ox horn comb is not only daily use but also a healthy product. It is fine for wedding gifts for couples.

How to tell the true ox horn comb or false?
Just stated above it can be refrained with static electricity. Secondly when we fire the ox bone comb the smell is really bad and the result of being burned will be becoming ropy. Thirdly when you dip into the water generally speaking ox bone comb will be on the bottom of water. It is impossible to be floated on the water. Finally as a natural and original raw material each ox bone has the different age so on the surface of ox born there is a few grain just like tree ring.

How to protect your ox horn comb?
You do not dip into the water and after wash please use the soft fabric to dry and clean it.
You do put the ox horn comb near to higher temperature places and after usage you had better to put into the box or something else.
Due to nature of being crisp please do not force it with large pressure when usage.
You can put olive oil on the surface in order to strengthen the glossiness.

Finally it is an artwork on how to handmake ox horn comb and please look at the following demonstrated pictures.

ox horn comb

ox horn comb