Natural crystal jewelry

natural crystal jewelry

Natural crystal jewelry is also called rock crystal and it is one of kind of Quartz crystal minerals. Its main chemical composition is SiO2. Natural crystal has variable colors. According to colors we can name black crystal, tan crystal, purple crystal, red crystal, green crystal, yellow crystal, pink crystal. Sometimes natural crystal is mixed with different colors as well.

Ideal natural crystal jewelry is very transparent just like mineral water. In the market such top quality crystal jewelry will sell at least several hundred dollars. Specified cost depends on many factors. However in reality so much crystal mineral is full with defects. You can see the cotton flakes inside of natural crystal. The types and structures of these defects may have a profound effect on the properties of the materials.

natural crystal jewelry bracelets

From structures crystal body belongs to three party crystal systems. It shows up the hexahedron shapes. Hardness of crystal is about 7 and it is Mohs hardness. The hardness is as same as stainless file.

Wearing natural crystal is something beautiful and elegant. Many customers maybe do not know natural crystal is not only for wearing usage but also for healthy promotions. According to study of medical institute in China crystal is the same jade. Here I want to recommend one post about Chinese green jade. At that post I state on how to tell authentic Chinese green jade. I believe it is useful when you make a purchase of jade jewelry. Both of them are natural minerals. They can help to promote health if you are often wearing natural crystal jewelry.

A lot of customers are concerned with authentic crystal. Sometimes clients bought false crystal jewelry in the market. Sellers use glass or plastic for real crystal. We must criticize such bad behavior. I wrote useful information about how to identify real crystal for your reference. Hopefully customers will purchase satisfactory and natural crystal jewelry.

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