Iron Pictures

iron pictures for wall art decor

Iron pictures were listed into the directory of Chinese traditional human oral and immaterial culture in 1986 at Wuhu. Earlier China established the protection association of Chinese traditional human oral and immaterial culture. Also the books about human oral and immaterial culture were published by Zhejiang Peoples` publishing house which will be printed into 32 series. Iron pictures are exactly traditional handmade arts and crafts.

It is especially mentioned that China has already carried out and regulated some laws about traditional human oral and immaterial culture. Ancient legends and folklore from China’s diverse ethnic groups is an invaluable part of China’s long and rich history. In order to keep these stories from vanishing with time, artists and scholars are painstakingly making efforts to reinvent the ancient heroic tales.

In history China has the developed and advanced iron blacksmith industry so handmade and forged metal picture is based on advanced iron industry and developed very rapidly. Handmade and forged iron pictures are characteristic with hammered and forged craftsmanship instead of Chinese traditional calligraphy brushes. There are very famous masters in Chinese history. One is TangPeng who was the skillful iron master. The other is XiaoYun who was the famous Chinese Art paintings about 350 years ago. Both of them cooperated to make iron art picture. Mr Xiao was in charge of designs of Art paintings and while Master Tang forged and hammered irons into unique handmade pictures.

From nature and soul of iron picture it is completely handmade by artists and pictures are really traditional folk art. It is used with wrought low carbon iron as the main raw material. After heating the processes are included in forging, drilling, lifting up, pushing and pressuring, welding, defeating, chiseling.

From 1959 to 1960 the famous master of handmade and forged metal pictures worked with his students to make one big pine tree forged picture. Today iron picture themed pine tree is still display at Great Hall of the People where Chinese biggest leadership members are working. After development and heritage in about 350 years artists created many forged iron pictures such as spatial handmade iron pictures, potted landscape iron pictures, porcelain paneled iron pictures, golden pictures plated by 14 K gold by electronics etc. Iron pictures are great for handmade gift ideas.

Iron pictures were displayed at Exposition Universally de Paris, Hungary Budapest Art Exhibition and other famous art shows worldwide. Iron picture is frequently exported to USA, EU, Asia, Oceania and Africa. It is especially mentioned special metal art is treated as Chinese top affairs for other country leadership as awesome gifts when communication and visit. Though nowadays metal work is developing slowly iron picture is still regarded as Chinese cultural treasure. Iron pictures are ideal for wall hanging decor.

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Below we list all detailed processes with main demonstrated images for your reference. Those processes are come from Wuhu city.

No 1 is to draw or paint on paper.
No 2 is to melt iron with high temperature.
No 3 is to forge by hammer and concerned tools.
No 4 is to weld joints each other.
No 5 is to compare and adjust as designed drawings or paintings.
No 6 is for pickling and deactivation for iron.
No 7 is to paint as requested colorful lacquers.
No 8 is to make frame for metal art picture.
No 9 is to assemble all parts together.

how to make iron pictures

how to make iron pictures