How to identify real crystal

how to identify real crystal

Recently I have a lesson on how to identify real crystal and after crystal course I want to share with you roughly on how to identify real crystal.

Crystal is natural mineral stone in the world and it is really beautiful and elegant. Artists will make crystal mineral stone into all kinds of crystal jewelry decor such as necklace, ring, bracelet, ear ring and more. Crystal is unique engagement gifts and other options of gifted idea. Crystal has a lot of colors. Those colors of white, tan, yellow and purple are easier to imitate. For customers they are lack of professional knowledge about crystal. They can not find out real crystal or not easily. So it is necessary for some customers to come up with basic knowledge on how to identify real crystal.

how to identify real crystal mineral

Firstly growth of crystal is complicated and it will be affected under the different surroundings. You need to look at the crystal on the shinning or sunny conditions. Due to completely natural crystal there are more or less impurity substances. If you find out a few slim and even bands or floccus inside crystal it is a possibility of real crystal.

The second way is through feeling of crystal temperature. When you touch crystal and feel a little bit cold it is a possibility of real crystal. Also you can use your tongue to stick and feel that.

The third way is still from sunny condition. On the bright and sunny condition real crystal will send out beautiful colors. If it is artificial maybe it is false.

The fourth way is to inspect the crystal hardness. Natural crystal jewelry has relatively stronger hardness. If you use sharp stone to scratch it you never see the scratched marks. If they are glass crystal or plastic items they will leave the marks you did.

Finally this inspection step is professional. You have to use polarizing spectacles to identify the result. If the tested items are rotated in 360 degrees you find out the change of stud four dark. That is a huge possibility of real crystal.

real crystal

It is something skillful as well as scientific on how to identify real crystal. I do hope when you make a purchase of crystal you buy the real crystal.

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