Folk Art

folk art

China has long and abundant history for more than six thousand years. China is regarded as one of four great ancient civilizations. In the research of history in China the four great ancient civilizations are frequently mentioned. Due to quite long and splendid history there is too much Chinese folk art. Basically different folk art appears at different regions. Many handmade arts and crafts are still inherited and practiced today.

According to unofficial stats in China there are around 2000 categories of traditional folk arts and crafts covered at many different places. At Hebei province you will see folk art named handcrafted paper cutting. At Tianjin province you can have a look at traditional folk kites. At Beijing you will appreciate the show play which is connected with Chinese opera. At Zhejiang province you also find bamboo wall art and other concerned bamboo products. At Anhui province you can see unique and special handmade iron pictures. At Huzhou you can find out so many decorative brushes. I just listed a few famous Chinese folk arts for your reference. In fact I can not count on detailed quantity of those amazing and stunning folk art.

From current conditions art forms had have difficulties surviving in the modern times. Some folk arts are in danger of dying out. Why are they happened in that bad status? Firstly with rapid developments of Chinese economy modern trends are having a big and huge impact on Chinese folk art. Young people pursue something more popular and fashion instead of unique art and craft.

Secondly from the nature and soul of folk art it is completely made by hand. Relatively younger people are not willing to be engaged in such complicated fields. Little by little it is becoming less for engagement of folk art. It is ideal for handmade gift ideas.

Thirdly the biggest problem is that those handmade artists are lack of good education. They generally do not know how to promote and market such folk items. That directly affect their incomes and they are no inspiration or energy for further creation.

In face of this dilemma we hopefully the governments can promote folk art as it is traditional treasure. Meanwhile artists have to improve themselves. Above it is about one beautiful traditional folk art painting and let us have a look at art painting.

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