Decorative brushes

decorative brushes

Decorative brushes seem like people can not write something on paper as writing utensils. In fact it is only for foreigners. Due to different language foreigners basically can not use Chinese calligraphy brushes as daily writing and people will use pen and fountain pen as writing tools. Even in China today most of people will use pens as writing tools which is really normal.

Today I want to make a brief account of decorative brush but if you love Chinese calligraphy art those decorative brushes are very useful. Anyhow those decorative brushes are not only for home, wall or desk decorations but also for writing tools. Totally decorative brushes have 6 pieces comprised for set selling and they are made of wood, bamboo and wool as main raw materials. From functionality it belongs to artist paint brushes.

It is especially mentioned that decorative brushes are displayed on chicken wing wood stand. Maybe most of foreigners can not understand Chinese chicken wing wood. This wood material belongs to one of rose wood. But generally speaking compared with rose wood chicken wing wood has the nice smooth with great slim grains. Chicken wing wood is a high end quality wood material. This chicken wing wood stand can be knocked down for more convenient transportation when purchase. So decor brushes are really traditional folk arts and crafts.

With development of Chinese economy and technology more and more foreigners are eager to know more about Chinese culture and history as well as folk art. Decorative brush is also named calligraphy brush or artist brush. Some foreigners even learn to write Chinese calligraphy art by brushes. They love Chinese culture and civilization and spread our culture and civilization.

jade art decorative brushes

Decorative brushes are called one of four treasures of the Chinese study and those unique and special study utensils are traditional folk arts and crafts and we hopefully those folk arts will be inherited and practiced constantly. If you are interested in this set of decorative brushes please feel free to contact us. We will tell you more detailed specification and other information. Also we welcome to visit brushes shop as well as introduction of bone brushes.

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