Creative metal bookmark

creative metal bookmark

Creative metal bookmark is quite different with other common bookmark in the market. Generally speaking bookmark is used to separate book pages. From this usage creative metal bookmarks are almost same as common ones. They both are used for studying utensils. Smart designers add Chinese traditional art inside. On the handle of metal bookmarks they use blue and white porcelain to decorate it. It displays creative artwork.

Chinese blue and white porcelain belongs to Chinese traditional treasure and every Chinese people know its value and reputation. Artists will use small porcelain panels to put on metal bookmark. It is especially mentioned that on the panels there are a lot of Chinese symbolized characters. Those signs have different and special meanings. Sometimes GOOD LUCK character will be made. Sometimes MAKING MORE MONEY OR TREASURE will be engraved. Sometimes PEACE AND HARMONY will be created. Porcelain bookmark is full of Chinese traditional culture and civilization.

creative metal bookmarks1

From above statements we know metal bookmark is perfectly in combination with functional usage and traditional crafts. You know it is so personalized and unique. Artists find a way to use beautiful box to pack them. Bookmarks are harmonized with packing. Metal bookmarks are used with blue and white porcelain. I attach above elegant gifted box to demonstrate to you. It is an amazing Chinese gift as well as personalized craft.

creative metal bookmarks

When parents want to send those boxed gifts to teacher I believe creative metal bookmarks are unique gifts for teachers. You know they belong to stationery decors and are fine for teachers. I just said different characters have different signs. According to signs you can use different characters for variable gift ideas. Of course they are used for other occasions as well such as anniversary gifts for couples, unique birthday gifts and more. Hopefully you do love such handmade art and craft.

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