Calligraphy Brush

calligraphy brush

Calligraphy brush is Chinese traditional art and craft for personalized home decorations. Decorative calligraphy brushes are perfect for interior designers. It helps with home improvements functions. In many areas those unique crafts are displayed in different styles. They will put Chinese calligraphy brush on the coffee tables or cabinets. Due to string art calligraphy brushes

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Decorative brushes

decorative brushes

Totally decorative brushes have 6 pieces comprised for set selling and they are made of wood, bamboo and wool as main raw materials. It is especially mentioned that decorative brushes are displayed on chicken wing wood stand.

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Bone brushes

bone brushes

From the nature of bone brushes they are made of animal bone as special and unique raw materials. Designers prefer to use animal bones to make calligraphy brushes such as deer bones, buffalo horns and other concerned bones. Some bone brushes are natural and original but some bones artists will carve them into variable shapes or themes.

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