Calligraphy Brushes

calligraphy brushes

Calligraphy brush is traditional handmade art and craft used for writing utensils.  Calligraphy brushes are regarded as one of Four Treasures of Chinese Study. The other three  are ink sticks, ink slabs and handmade paper. Till now those four folk art crafts are still inherited and practiced. In primary school students still study traditional Chinese writing course so that they keep traditional art and cultivate sentiments.

Decorative brushes can track back to the Warring States Period.  Calligraphy brush has around 4000 years old history. In old China the main raw materials of calligraphy brush are wood, bamboo, wool. Calligraphy brush is completely handmade. Craftsman will sort out the wool together and insert into the hole of wood or bamboo which is hollow in the center. On the cap they used something to glue it. Those calligraphy brushes made of wood or bamboo are common and popular.

With the development of writing brushes people make a lot of designs to make high quality calligraphy. Because richer or noble persons prefer expensive calligraphy brushes which can show up their status in the society. At that time Chinese jade brushes are quite famous. Designers make a lot of jade brushes in order to cater for those rich persons. Those brushes are fine for home accents and decors.

Chinese decorative calligraphy brushes

Today with developments of export and import calligraphy brushes have already changed a little bit. Many of calligraphy brush is not used for writing but for decorative art and craft on desk or wall. We call calligraphy brushes as decorative pens. Chinese decorative art brushes are widely used with porcelain art beads, animal ox bones, deer horns, glass and crystal beads, glazed ceramic and pottery beads, jade beads, soft nuts and other something special and unique as raw materials. Chinese art decorative brushes are fine for wall art decor, office, table, desk accessories or handmade gift ideas. Hopefully you will love such unique folk art.

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