Calligraphy Brush

calligraphy brush

Calligraphy brush is Chinese traditional art and craft for personalized home decorations. Decorative calligraphy brushes are perfect for interior designers. It helps with home improvements functions. In many areas those unique crafts are displayed in different styles. They will put Chinese calligraphy brush on the coffee tables or cabinets. Due to string art calligraphy brushes are great for wall art hangings.

Compared with practical writing brushes materials will be variable. Traditionally people will use wood or bamboo for making production. Hairs will be woolen or other animals hairs. Creative brushes will be used with a lot of materials. They are porcelain, glazed pottery and ceramic beads, jade, agate, crystal, resin, woodworking and other special animal horns. Such beautiful calligraphy brush is widely used for home or wall decor. They are indeed handcrafts.

Sometimes these calligraphy brushes belongs to Chinese antique furniture accessories. From finish Chinese calligraphy brush is antique or vintage distressed. In fact they are just reproduction ones.

calligraphy brush

From raw materials Asian decorative brushes are ox bones, horse hairs and different beaded handles. Then workers will glue three of them for one nice personalized calligraphy brush. A few of them describe very interesting stories behind it. Carved bamboo with Chinese Zodiac that represents with traditional Feng Shui. Each animal of twelve has unique and special symbol. Such will attract the eyesight of clients. Chinese dragon and phoenix brush is symbolized with weddings. Dragon and phoenix together represent Chinese weddings. Also we use buffalo horn, goat antler and deer antler as handles. Chinese calligraphy brush will be more beautiful and attractive compared with traditional writing brushes.

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