Decorative brushes

decorative brushes

Totally decorative brushes have 6 pieces comprised for set selling and they are made of wood, bamboo and wool as main raw materials. It is especially mentioned that decorative brushes are displayed on chicken wing wood stand.

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Paper cut art

paper cut art

The progress is upgraded and paper cut art should be creative and caters for market requests. If you use scroll of paper cut art you can roll up and we design one beautiful gifted box and then put it. The volume is smaller and meanwhile it is fine for wall art hangings as well as unique gift ideas.

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Bone brushes

bone brushes

From the nature of bone brushes they are made of animal bone as special and unique raw materials. Designers prefer to use animal bones to make calligraphy brushes such as deer bones, buffalo horns and other concerned bones. Some bone brushes are natural and original but some bones artists will carve them into variable shapes or themes.

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