Copper crafts

copper craft

In our feature image the copper craft is about THE EIGHT IMMORTALS CROSS THE SEA. Legends about the Eight Immortals started to circulate orally long ago among the people and were recorded in the works of writers of various dynasties – Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming.

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Shadow puppet

shadow puppet

Shaanxi is China’s Shadow birthplace. Shadow called Dengying. Shadow play is art and drama skillfully combined. Chinese shadow puppet paintings are listed into directories of intangible cultural heritage.

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Gifts for teachers

gifts for teachers

Gifts for teachers are widely presented on special occasions. Teacher career is considered as the attractive and holly career. In my option teachers are the great persons in the world. They tell us how to read and write. The most valuable and important is that they teach us on how to be a useful and

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Jade gifts

jade gifts

This jade is hand carved with Chinese happiness Buddha and happiness Buddha hopes you have a nice feeling each day and have a great and peaceful life and work. So from sign of jade happiness Buddha is fine for gift ideas.

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