Blacksmith is sometimes called ironsmith or ironworker. Generally speaking blacksmiths have their own smelters. They are main equipment tools to hammer. The master of blacksmith has one more trainers as helper. There is an air box connected with smelter. Blacksmith will make use of the air box to increase temperature. When metal materials get to some degrees metal artists forge all kinds of handcrafted crafts by hand. We can say it is a traditional handmade arts and crafts. With rapid development of technology and science handmade metal artists decrease a lot. Machinery and automatic operation has taken place of forged blacksmiths.

Our handmade iron artwork belongs to traditional lost art of blacksmiths. Blacksmith should have handcrafted skill. They have to master skill of hammer. They have to take use of furnace for welding and forging. They have the capability of cutting and trimming. They have to know about heat treatments. Also they have a fundamental skill of art paintings. In order to check and modify artisan metal crafts ironworker should often look at the drawings to compare with metal artwork. In sum blacksmiths are characteristic with hammering iron pieces instead of calligraphy brushes of traditional drawings.

Blacksmith art came up more than 350 years old. In history there was one famous blacksmith who made an attribution for such wall art decor. The ironsmith is Chu. Due to his endeavor and promotion with other metal artists such unique metal art was developed quickly. In 2006 year ironwork picture was listed at directory of intangible cultural heritage. When you purchase one picture there is one red stamp seal on the corner. Chinese writings of blacksmith sculptures are printed with iron pictures. Metal iron art is not only sold great but also exported overseas. If you find out unique red stamp seal they are authentic hammered metal pictured made by blacksmiths.

Blacksmiths career should be fully respectful due to their creative metalwork. People constantly pursue personalized life styles. They prefer to own special and creative art for wall art decoration or special gift for receivers. Here you can have a look at shop of  iron pictures category.

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