Bird on tree picture

bird on tree picture

Bird on tree picture is designed as birds standing on tree for wall art decoration or wedding anniversary decorative affairs. You probably find out that in our iron pictures there are a few birds on tree pictures displayed. Mainly they are magpie birds on plum blossom tree. Bird on tree picture is quite popular to sell. Those themed pictures can tell a unique story behind it. Magpie birds are the lucky birds in China and can give people good fortune and treasure. Plum blossoms are the symbols of the tenacious vitality, which would encourage persons to cherish their dreams. Finally dreams come true. For that reason plum blossoms are signs of true love.

When bride and groom are planning to have a wedding usually they will hang one birds on tree pictures on the wall for great wishes. In daily life people usually present pictures of magpie birds standing on plum tree to their family members or good friends. So it is an ideal not only for wall art decor but also for traditional wedding gifts.

Generally speaking in order to market and sell well artists prefer to plate 14 K gold on the surface of iron materials. Gold is an expensive and inspired material. New couples would like to send golden ring to their lovers. Gold is the symbol of true love in oriental culture. When both of you get married for 50th years in China we can call this special day as golden wedding. This is an amazing and great day. At that moment husband and wife will make a purchase of something golden as memory for this long wedding date. True love is priceless and valuable. This is the real reason artists would plate 14 or 18 K gold plated on pictures.

Bird on tree picture is frequently used at range of Chinese traditional paper cutting. According to my above statements it is fine wedding gift for couples or anniversary gifts for parents. Please have a look at Chinese paper cut art.

paper art bird on tree pictures

Today more and more people are hunting for personalized lives. They need personalized styles and tastes to satisfy their requests. With development of high technology and science almost everything is used by machine. But this is lack of personality. It is not one of a kind and unique. Bird on tree picture is actually forged by hammer. This is a great picture gift for personalized art ideas.

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