Hdmcrafts is from China and welcome to have a stop at our store.

In 2002 Alex Hu and Lily Shi worked at one of leading factory restoring and making Chinese Antique Furniture, Reproduction Furniture and collecting other vintage and handcrafted items such as Porcelain, Pottery, Ceramics, Terra-Cotta Warriors, Framed Wood Carvings, Tibetan knotted Carpet and Rugs, Paper Cut, Clay crafts, Jade Jewelry, Bronzed Art, Traditional Calligraphy Brushes, Oil Paintings, Iron Pictures, Stone Carvings and more. During sales position we shipped around 860 containers worldwide as employees.

From 2006 we left jobs and provided services to overseas customers such as sourcing, translation, QC, after-services. We establish good relationship with many quality suppliers. So far we have own warehouse covered with around 3000 square meters. Totally we have 6 people to work together. Currently we sell and design all kinds of traditional crafts overseas. We hope to provide quality crafts with good after-services. Meanwhile we do hope to bring and spread our oriental civilization and culture.

Why Choose Us?

From 2002 year we are engaged in Chinese vintage and home art crafts. We have relatively longer career for about ten years in field of antique and traditional handcrafts. We learned much concerned knowledge. We think about what the consumers think.

We communicated and dealt with so many international customers. We can operate commercial bills such bill of lading, fumigation, invoices, packing lists, certificate of origin for wholesalers. Also we do with Paypal, credit card and other payments for end consumers.

We are located in China and it is convenient for communications and travelling. Sometimes we show international customers around factories and family mills even scenic spots. During travels it makes us deposit so many resources of suppliers.

To develop the spirit of teamwork we will carry out some useful regulations. Also we are focused on human-based managements and respect their privacy. We try our best to develop and improve ourselves in order to give full play to our potentials. Hopefully we treat ourselves as one of family members.

Being creative and unique is difficult for us and having own designs is a great thing. For some handcrafts after sourcing we will improve their functionality and appearance if necessary in order to satisfy customers in need of markets. Being innovative and creative is always first if you develop further.


Handmade with Love and Heart

Hdmcrafts is our domain name and has special signs. Hdm is the abbreviation of HANDMADE. So our branding is handmade crafts. Most of traditional crafts are listed in the directory of intangible cultural heritage. Those lost arts are inherited and practiced several hundred or thousand years ago.

Most of crafts are 100% handmade with love nature. With developments of science and technology some crafts are already integrated into a few elements of machinery processes. In general they are still kept as handmade nature. Anyway Hdmcrafts is committed with traditional art crafts.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Honesty and trustworthiness are quite important. Currently in the field of traditional crafts we often see some rustic and distressed reproduction pieces are treated as vintage or antique with low or higher cost. During around ten year business experiences we sum up we must speak out truth of what original pieces are. We consider the problem in the long-term to win the credit from customers.

During business transaction it is hard to please all. We consider the shopping experiences standing on the issue of customer’s point of view and are brave to take responsibility for mistakes if we make. We try our best to solve issues peacefully. We believe in CUSTOMER IS GOD.

Let Time Prove Everything

We often visit some famous forums and communities overseas and some percentage of persons from developed countries think something made in China is junk and they are regarded as mass produced items from sweatshops. So far our country is changing and improving the laws concerned with labor and working conditions. Using children labor is against law and governments force enterprises to turn over all kinds of insurances for workers. However something against law is still happened.

Every coin has its two sides. For us we try our best to provide you traditional handmade art crafts with heart and love from artisans. Even they are half handmade with a few machinery processes and we will speak truth. We hopefully Chinese artists are fully respected through their creative and unique jobs. Let time prove everything.